Service Fees

Insurance Coverage, Funding and Fees

Q: Is Occupational Therapy treatment offered at CLR Healthcare covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan?

A: No. Many rehabilitation services offered in B.C. are not funded by B.C.’s medical services plan. Many CLR Healthcare clients are referred and funded by third party payers including: ICBC, lawyers, WorkSafe BC, and life insurance carriers, to provide specific assessment and/or rehabilitation services.

Q: How about coverage through extended health insurance benefits?

A: Individuals who have extended health insurance benefits, such as work health benefits, may have limited access typically with annual limits. For clients who arrange a direct referral to CLR Healthcare, you may seek reimbursement for services through your personal benefits plan. Clients must contact their provider or plan administrator to clarify what services are covered and discuss with your treating therapist.

Q: Are any of these services tax deductible?

A: Occupational Therapy services are a tax deductible medical expense when paid by individuals.

We encourage you to discuss these options with your income tax planner and check with the Canada Revenue Agency for any updates to federal tax laws.

Q: What are the costs for services?

A: Please contact CLR Healthcare directly for further information.