OT Consulting & Treatment

Occupational Therapy Consulting and Treatment services

Occupational Therapy (OT) services may benefit any individual experiencing daily living functional issues associated with injury or chronic illness. CLR Healthcare services include:

  1. Hospital discharge and care coordination: community reintegration and care management: implementing hospital discharge recommendations, co-ordinating the installation of required adaptive equipment, providing client-centered OT rehabilitation services, and coordinating health services including community support services.
  1. Home and community functional assessment: OT evaluation of client’s physical, cognitive, emotional and functional status with performance of daily living activities altered by injuries or illness. Daily living activities considered include: work, personal care, leisure, housekeeping and home maintenance performance, mobility and transportation needs, home safety and accessibility needs, and community activities. OT treatment recommendations and goals will focus on our client’s achieving a timely, safe, and durable return to their daily living activities, to promote greater independence and reduce disability.
  1. Ergonomic and activity assessment: improving our client’s performance and durability with work and daily living activities through: modifying activity, education on body mechanics, incorporating adaptive equipment.
  1. Return to work planning and implementation: OT assessment and interventions including: job demands analysis, worksite visits, work simulation and work hardening activities, ergonomic assessment, and negotiating and implementing gradual return to work plans with clients, employers and other stakeholders.
  1. Housekeeping and home maintenance assessment: Completing a home functional assessment to make appropriate service and support recommendations. The OT will use assessment tools to qualitatively and quantitatively recommend client’s:
  • Needs for housekeeping and home maintenance supports
  • Ability to live safely at home
  • To establish specific functional goals relevant to our client to address their performance difficulties with daily living activities.

To assist in comprehensively assess these issues, the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) may be utilized. The AMPS is a standardized, criterion-referenced, observational assessment, utilized by trained and certified Occupational therapists (OT), for evaluating an individual’s ability to perform personal and domestic Activities of Daily Living (ADL) tasks. The OT observes our client complete at least two familiar, chosen, life-relevant, ADL tasks that presents as a challenge in their everyday life. While completing these tasks, the OT observes the client’s motor ability: their ability to move oneself or task objects, specifically considering 16 ADL motor skill items. The evaluating OT also concurrently observes process ability: a client’s ability to select, interact with, and use tools and materials; carry out individual task actions and steps; and modify task performance when problems are encountered, utilizing 20 ADL process skill items.

The AMPS is used to assess the quality of our client’s overall ADL performance by rating the effort, efficiency, safety, and independence while completing ADL tasks.

The AMPS has been standardized on more than 150,000 persons from age of 2 to over 100 years of age, internationally and cross-culturally.

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