Lymphedema is a medical condition that must be diagnosed by a physician. Your physician may recommend further medical testing prior to referral to our clinic to help confirm a diagnosis and to ensure Lymphedema management is an appropriate course of treatment.

Some medical conditions need to be considered by your therapist as they may impact treatment planning. With our clients consent, we may ask to follow up with your referring physician after assessment prior to starting treatment to discuss care planning. A written report to your physician with assessment results and treatment recommendations will also be provided.

We accept referrals from family physicians and specialists. Please print the Prescription to Assess and Treat to provide to your physician for their consideration. Physicians can fax the completed form directly to our office and you will be contacted to schedule an assessment.

A written physician referral completed prior to assessment and treatment is usually required for insurance plans to consider reimbursement for: treatment services, supplies, and graduated compression garments. Private insurance coverage may have specific limits on coverage for services.

If you are seeking a physician and are a B.C. resident, please contact the College of Physicians and Surgeon’s British Columbia listing of physicians accepting patients:

Lymphedema graduated compression garments, stockings, and other equipment/supplies are often recommended to help improve our client’s long term self-management.

Your physician is welcome to contact us directly if they have any questions.

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