Healthcare Professionals

For Healthcare Professionals:

Assessment, treatment and care planning emphasizes the value and importance of a collaborative approach between treating healthcare providers and the client. We request a physician referral prior to assessment. Upon receiving a physician referral, we will contact your patient directly to schedule an assessment. After completing the assessment, we will forward a report summarizing findings and treatment recommendations.

Our services focus on offering your patients and families education, treatment services and recommendations on how to effectively self-manage this chronic condition. We will assess how developing Lymphedema has impacted your patient in their functional daily living activities, and treat their Lymphedema with a focus on integrating self-management strategies into their daily life. Please see the enclosed review of Occupational Therapy’s Role with Lymphedema Management.

We will provide a written recommendation of appropriate compression garments, equipment, and other treatment supply needs for physician consideration. Extended healthcare plans may offer funding for graduated compression garments with a physician’s prescription.

These Occupational Therapy services are not funded by British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan. Some insurance coverage options are available for clients through extended healthcare plans. Occupational Therapy services are a tax deductible healthcare service.

Continuing Education Opportunities:

Byron Shier, Director of CLR Healthcare, Inc. provides continuing education opportunities for healthcare professionals. Byron’s lecture experience includes speaking with physician groups, nursing teams, and allied healthcare professionals.

Clinical Experience

Byron is available for in-service education sessions to healthcare providers interested in learning more about Lymphedema treatment. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement, a continuing education session, or to inquire more about our services.